About AgileAX

Powered by the Ginisis Group, Agile Ax is an innovative Business Intelligence suite of software tools that utilize visualization and infographics to present data analytics.

At any time of the day, our lives are filled with infographics and other visual representations of data. Whether these visualizations are presented as part of our job, to enhance our enjoyment in sports, to develop our understanding of recent events, or to track household expenses, we come across graphical images of data every day and try to make sense of them. Quantitative communication through graphical representation of data and analytical concepts are important in surviving during the overwhelming amount of data flowing through our world.

What We Actually Do

Agile Ax understands that this visualization is essential for all types of Business Intelligence and analytics applications, whether they are deployed to individual entities, units, or at an enterprise level. That’s why we generate Dashboards and Scorecards to facilitate better decision-making. By utilizing high-resolution screens with dashboard reports to better monitor trends, classify risks and forecast highest probability, managers and higher levels can drastically reduce time to insight.

The major obstacles that prevent most companies from having this capability is not whether organizations recognize the need for the technology to support data visualization and analysis. It’s whether the organization can facilitate quality data to measure and if the current employees have sufficient knowledge and skills to make effective use of the tools.

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