GGI is an 8(a) acquisition and software/engineering firm that empowers businesses, government, and commercial organizations to perform at their highest capability. GGI specializes in utilizing engineering principles and custom software technology to improve efficiencies, control cost and maintain schedule. AgileAx, a GGI proprietary software tool, is an innovative business intelligence suite of software tools that uses visualization and infographics to present data analytics. Our talent include Engineers, Software Developers, Information Technology/Security Professionals, Lean Six Sigma Black Belts, Risk Managers and Knowledge Principals.

Corporate Overview

  • Build custom software applications
  • Manage cyber secure networks
  • Provide innovative information technology solutions
  • Generate and integrate critical requirements
  • Develop and implement acquisition strategy
  • Design life cycle cost models
  • Perform cost benefitanalysis
  • Analyze budget estimates
  • Build Analysis of Alternatives
  • Implement financial process improvement
  • Improve efficiencies via software automation
  • Analyze supply chain resiliency
  • Develop analysis of alternatives
  • Integrate Lifecycle Management
Emilia Clarke
  • Provide top talent equipped with technology to manage the strategic mission of the organization
  • Implement acquisition and strategic planning
  • Build schedules to effectively manage milestones
  • Maintain consistency through configuration and knowledge management
Emilia Clarke
  • Analyzes existing processes for waste
  • Streamline workflow
  • Implement technology to enhance efficiency
  • Monitor improved processes and procedures
  • Proven software tools to enhance decision support with integrated smart wall
  • Produces consolidated analysis data report
  • Balanced scorecard approach in decision making
  • Facilitates reduction in potential risks and bottleneck migration tools
  • Agile – ability to think and move quickly, technically accurate and professionally focused
  • Top Technology – leading edge software and software engineering practices
  • Top Talent – experience and customer focus
  • Best value – cost effective
  • 541611–General Management Consulting
  • 541511–Custom Software Development
  • 541330 –Configuration Management
  • .541519–Computer Facilities Management
  • 541690 – Technical Consulting Services
  • 611420 – Computer Training
  • 611430–Professional Development Training
Cyber Security / Information
  • Control computer network configuration
  • Cyberspace infrastructure management
  • Govern database administration
  • Maintain cyber assessment management
  • Manage all COMSEC and EMSEC
  • Design and execute cyber security training
  • Conduct unclassified and classified network administration
  • Consultants have active Security Clearance